Camping At school

22 Oct 2009

Last mount, in my school created a camping. The camp happened during two days. The activity began on Saturday at 15.30 until Sunday at 12.00 oclock.

All of student in tenth grade had to follow. If dont follow, there was the punishment of course. The builder is Mr. Hari.
After the student had to gather, first, the activity was opening ceremony. Than we were religious. Nigh day the activity were campfire, games and attraction from senior. At 12.00 p.m. all of member slept. And than woke up again at 02.00 for exploration and mediation.
Next, we were jogging surround pager Ngumbuk Village. So we were breakfast in the canteen. The next activity was outbound. After that, closed ceremony and packing.
Finally, the camp at school finished. The student came back in the house by himself. Although with body was weary, but camping at school very happy.




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